More Adventures on the Pelagos



Recovering from accident

A USCG C-130

The port side shaft on the Pelagos.

The propellers on the Pelagos.  I got a close up look at these in motion.

Fish escaping from a hole in the net as it is being hauled up

Pulling up a cod end full of pollock

George fixes a hole in the cod end prior to delivery - note the expansion straps (white ropes) and chafing gear (orange stuff)

Discussing important matters with the old man.  I am holding the manual helm I used to deliver a cod end in horrific seas.

A cod end pulled up by the choke strap, ready to detach from the net in preparation for delivery

The office

Today the Pelagos is named the U.S. Liberator and is a longliner.   It hardly looks like the same boat.

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